Spring Home Decor

Hellooo Friday! Who is excited for the weekend. Well spring has sprung in most of the country, and especially here in So Cal. I was able to spend a day last week down in beautiful San Diego touring a cruise ship, and I spent the beautiful drive home to Orange County in awe of the beautiful poppy fields that line the freeway. This weekend we are being super So Cal kids and heading back down to SD with a few friends to visit the flower fields in Carlsbad. This is something I’ve wanted to do for a long time so I am super excited.

At the start of each season I bring out new decorations or run to the store to do a little make over on the house. Last month I had my eyes peeled. I already have a lot of neutrals that can really be used all year round, but I wanted a little brightness to our living area. This peach color is one of my favorites right now and I knew I wanted it splattered around the house this season. So I found some pillows, pulled out a few blankets and picked up a few fresh flowers.

Fresh flowers

Fresh flowers are the easiest ways to bring life to a space. I am obsessed with these orchids that Chris picked up for me for Valentine’s Day. I am shocked that they are still kicking. I notoriously have a black thumb so I am so proud that these are still bright and alive. (True life they may be fake and Chris could be lying to me just to keep me happy. I once killed two Christmas trees in one year.)

Lighter textiles

Pack up those heavy blankets and pull out the light stuff. Fabrics like cottons are light and  beathable which I love for the spring and summer. Some of my favorite memories growing up were at one of my girlfriend’s house where they always set the AC at like 58. I swear. And we would bundle up in blankets and watch movies all summer long. Now my cheap ass barely turns the AC to 72 but it doesn’t stop me from having cuddly blankets close.


Earth tones

Okay, you’re right, I have these all year round but I love me some wood tones, green leaves and natural fabrics. I love this map Chris made me for Christmas this year. The handmade art is amazing and I love that it is on the two by fours.

Bright Pillows and Blanket

Details like pillows and blankets are so easy to switch out season after season to recreate your space. Whether you are reusing holiday decor or getting the newest trend, like my metalic pillows that I am still using since Christmas, this is such a small detail that adds so much character to a space.

Fresh scents

Uhg CANDLES! I am obsessed with candles. There is at least one candle burning at all times in my house. Whether it’s scented or just simple tea lights. I love them and this Tullips candle by Yankee Candle is my favorite this season.

Goodbye 20s, Hello 30s – Birthday Round Up

Well folks, today is the day. I am officially in the 30-35 age bracket… Yikes! Last year’s birthday was a little rough on me. I was really starting to feel the pressure that society puts on us as “kids in our 20s.” And honestly, your 20s really kind of suck.

Your early 20s are really great. You’re still living at home with mom and dad with little to no financial responsibilities. In my early 20s I had a blast! My girl friends and I went on vacations, went out the bar 3 nights a week, and were serious social butterflies. Then I moved out, had to start paying rent, bills and buying groceries. When you get into your mid to late 20s you realize pretty quickly that going out every night isn’t going to be the most effective way to get what you are going after anymore.


I spent the better part of my 20s working in retail. I was a merchant for a big retail chain and I’m not going to lie, it was a blast. I made a ton of friends and learned a lot about business, management and the art of sales. But when I realized I was living for work and my schedule was at the mercy of my work I realized, this probably isn’t going to cut it in a few years when I get married and have kids.

Which lead to my next little freak out of turning 29. Chris and I had been living together for four years and dating for about 3. We had discussed marriage and kids but I just wasn’t sure when that all was going to happen. I think most people can say, that in their late 20s they’re not where they thought, or hoped they would be and I was defiantly feeling that.

So needless to say, it was a little bit of a rough birthday. I didn’t love my job anymore, my relationship was taking a little longer than expected, and for the first time I felt my biological clock ticking. We had a nice dinner out, just the two of us and went home to have a glass of wine like the old millennials that we are.

Then a month later we got engaged and I got a new job. All in a matter of a week and a half. It was insane but defiantly worth the wait.

I realized that I was putting stupid pressures on myself (and Chris) because of what society had for expectations of where I should be in my life. I have friends who have their work life completely figured out, but have been completely alone for years, and then I have friends who have put their relationships before themselves and it has affected their work life and caused them setbacks.

The truth is, everyone has hurdles to overcome and everyone reaches milestones at their own accord. Some people take a little longer than others but one thing I defiantly learned in my last year of my 20s, is that your 20s actually kind of suck. I mean just a little. You have all of these expectations people make, you are learning who you are and what exactly you want to do and who you want to be with.

I am looking forward to my 30s. I have a career now that I can see myself growing in for a long time, and I have someone who is absolutely amazing and I cannot wait to start our lives together. We have a lot to look forward to in this next year and I can’t wait. For now, enjoy some photos from the past year.


Weekend in Pismo Beach
img_2302 My 29th Birthday on Catalina Island

Weekends at Disneyland

New Years in Scottsdaledsc01089

Apple Picking in Oak Glenimg_3663

Garth Brooks in Orange County and Las VegasDYER_015_web

Our Engagement 


My Pre Birthday Birthday Party

Valentine’s Gifts for Him

So about that game last night. It started off so well… and then turned out so bad. I’m not going to lie there were some fantastic commercials though. I loved the Melissa McCarthy Kia commercial. So funny. And how funny was Terry Bradshaw announcing with the stain on his shirt and then the Tide commercial following. I loved it.

Well happy hump day ya’ll! Today we are talking about gifts for him on Valentine ’s Day. Honestly Chris and I are not big Valentine’s celebrators. We don’t usually buy each other gifts because my birthday is literally ten days later so well what’s the point? Last year, Chris built me the beautiful table for our living room. He didn’t paint it because he wanted me to pick out a color, and a year later still no paint color. Clearly you can see I am very decisive.


This year, I’m still not too sure what I am going to get Chris… see decisive, so instead I put together my top items for a lady to get her guy on Valentine ’s Day. Since I worked in retail for so long, clothes were always a great go to for gifts for Valentine’s Day. This season Gap has amazing ts for men. I am always a fan of Gap’s spring collection.

These sunglasses were actually Chris’s Christmas gift, but they are a perfect gift for any guy. Whether your guy is a golfer, an avid cyclist or … you know, just walks outside, these sunnies are the perfect combination of sporty and casual. This subscription for Dollar Beard Club is something Chris actually found on his own and because obsessed with. The Sandalwood Oil is absolutely amazing. And apparently it makes your beard feel great too (according to Christopher).

And as always the go to Fossil watch or electronics are always great options for gifts. The Amazon Echo is something Chris and I have been discussing getting. I’m not sure if we really need it in our little two bedroom apartment, but our lazy side will definitely enjoy it.

What are you getting your guy for Valentine’s Day? Any good suggestions?

A Year of New: 2017


Hello all! I am officially back from my two month hiatus, and things are looking a little different around here.

After almost three years and a lot of ups and downs over here on Megan & Eggs, I decided it was time to throw in the towel and do a little face lift to my corner of the internet. And so Restless Retreat has been born. This is my little retreat from life. A place to get away and talk about everything I enjoy. All things travel, beauty, home and exploration.

2016 was a big year for me and my fiance Chris. Well for one we got engaged back in April and it was one of the most amazing weekend’s I have had. A few weeks later I left my job of 8 years and started a new career, at a new company, in a totally different field of work. Oh and then the next week we moved into a new apartment. The spring was just a little stressful but in the most exciting and happy ways it could be.

Now that I have been fully trained at my new job, I went back to my old job, part-time, to save some money to this wallet draining wedding weekend we will be having in 2018. But it will be totally worth it!

We haven’t traveled too much in 2016. In January we went to Connecticut to visit family but otherwise, we have been pretty local, doing small day trips, however that is definitely not the case for 2017. I like to think that you will spend the year the way you ring it in, so I was super eager to be traveling while we ring in 2017. So currently we are spending the weekend in amazing Scottsdale, Arizona and I cannot wait to tell you all about it in the next few weeks.

This year I have a few trips back to Connecticut planned as I celebrate a few of my closest girlfriends getting married themselves. I am also going to have a big girl’s trip to Las Vegas which I am really excited for since some of my friends from home still haven’t been out to Vegas. And of course, I am sure Chris and I will take our normal impromptu weekend trips throughout the year.

I am super excited to see where this year takes me in my first full year as a travel agent and also here now that Restless Retreat is up and running. I plan on being much more transparent on this here blog, and stepping outside of my comfort zone to make sure I do that. My plan is to do a lot more scheduled posts and series than I had before; like a book review once a month, a monthly round up, and tons of informative posts for you about different products I am using, places I am going, things I am cooking and experiences I am having.


Engagement Announcements


I know I am a little late but four months after getting engaged we finally sent out our engagement announcements to some of our family members. We went back and forth about whether or not we were going to go old school & send actual announcements. We assumed that it’s 2016, hello there’s Instagram!

Well no. With both Chris & I being from pretty big families we decided the best way to get the announcement out to our aunts & uncles was a good old fashioned engagement announcement. We have family all over the country & I know it’s a little shocking, but not everyone goes to social media for their latest news on friends & family.

We were lucky to have an amazing photographer friend capture our engagement from a far. You can see some of our photos here. We took advantage of having those great shots, & an amazing deal on Shutterfly to share our amazing day with our family.

I for one am obsessed. I love the work Bryan did on our photos & nothing can hold me back from grey stationary with some amazing photography. I went back and forth about what photos to choose until I finally decided on a variety of a full body shot, close up & my favorite, a beautiful black and white candid. Let me know what you think!