September Round Up

Back when I first started this blog I used to do monthly updates every month. As a way to get a little closer to my readers & push myself to be more transparent I am going to start again.

I cannot believe it’s almost October. Does anyone else feel like they sneezed & 2016 flew by without a warning? I feel like I have gone non stop since April when we got engaged, & let me tell you September was no different.

We celebrated Labor Day with a nice little back yard Bar-B-Q with our friends up in LA. Then we weren’t even back in Orange County for a week & my mom, sister, & my sister’s boyfriend came to visit us here in California. Mom was here for 10 days & when I say we got things done for the wedding, we got a ton of stuff done. As most of you know Chris & I went venue shopping last month & we were able to narrow it down to two locations that we were interested in.

So while my family was in town, we brought both of our families down to Temecula to show our parents what we’ve found. I am pretty sure the outcome was unanimous. Once contracts are signed I will share the exciting news & all of the reasons we think this is the perfect place for our big day.

The day my mom left we went to the Honda Center in Anaheim to see one of the best performers I have ever had the honor of seeing play: Garth Brooks. Back in June we brought Chris’s dad to Garth in Vegas & we were all super excited because Garth is such a legend in the country music world. So when he announced in August that just a month later he would be in Anaheim for the first time in 20 years… we jumped on the chance to see him again. And it was just as good as the first time!!

We ended our month with a night at Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights last Friday & then Saturday night at Luke Bryan. And then we spent last Sunday literally in our pajamas, in front of the TV, watching football & I was catching up on Housewives. It was probably the first day since April that we actually got to sit down, not worry about anything & do nothing. We had laundry to do, projects to catch up on, & work to do but we put it all aside to do NOTHING. It was great.

October doesn’t have too many things listed on the calendar except a lot of work, which I am super thankful for. I am looking forward to my favorite time of year. It may be the New Englander in me but there is no better time of year than fall. Bring on the pumpkins, red & gold leaves, & crisp weather.








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