Fall Bucket List

Happy first day of fall ya’ll! This is what I’ve been waiting for. Fall in New England, literally is there anything more cliché? I don’t think so. I love the change of season, the changes of color from Mother Nature, bundling up in fall clothes, the cooler weather and even though it terrifies me, I am super into learning about hauntings and anything paranormal. AKA I love fall.

This is the first time in seven years that I am back in my hometown for Halloween and celebrate the fall season the way you’re supposed to. Last year we went apple picking and the nastolgia was real. This year I am so excited I get to do it here in Connecticut. So I made myself a little fall bucket list of all of the things I want to do this fall to celebrate the season.

  1. Take a ride to see the fall foliage
  2. Visit some of Connecticut’s covered bridges
  3. Go apple picking
  4. Bake a pie
  5. Watch a high school football game (my best friend coaches high school cheerleading and I love supporting my friends)
  6. Have a scary movie girls night
  7. Pick a pumpkin
  8. Finish one book per month
  9. Visit four new wineries
  10. Have a soup and wine night
  11. Explore Salem!!

Ironically, I am currently boarding a flight to Atlanta where it will be in the mid to upper 80s and mostly sunny.This weekend my mom sister and I are visiting my older sister and her family. Follow along on my Instastories for the weekend.

April Round Up (and a little bit of March)

ay, okay, this is actually more like a March and April round up. With all of my traveling the past few months, I’ve been a little behind on some of my posts. But May is a new month and you can’t change the past can you?

In March I went out to Connecticut to shower my best friend before her wedding at the end of this month. It was beautiful. Besides being able to be around for her beautiful bridal shower, I also was able to be home for my cousin’s 30th birthday and for my sister’s new puppy’s first weekend home. I love being able to go home and be a part of such special occasions even though I live so far away. My cousin was my first friend. We are five weeks apart and were dressed alike and raised alike our whole lives. We went to summer camp together every summer, did gymnastics together for years, and even ended up being college roommates. Being able to ring in her dirty thirty with her was fabulous!

April was a little different than March. I was able to spend much more time outdoors and do some of my favorite summer activities. Well currently I am finishing up a weekend away in Vegas, but more on that later.  We had a BBQ at our friends new house, spent a Saturday in the Flower Fields in Carlsbad and had Easter Brunch on the Queen Mary in Long Beach. I loved being able to be outside, and my skin needed the prep before this weekend in the desert sun. Keep an eye out for a post in the next few weeks about the Carlsbad Flower Fields and also a summer bucket list as we head into my favorite time of year. 

February Round Up

Can you even believe how fast February flew by? I feel like it was just a few weeks ago that our house was decorated for Christmas and now we are starting to think spring and sunshine. Which is something here in Southern California we miss so much. Mother nature really kicked our asses here in SoCal this month. We had sink holes, freeways shut down because they turned into rivers, mudslides, and hurricane forced winds. It was absolutely insane. But we are hoping for a little more outdoor activities for March.

February was packed with indoor activities. We had our food tasting at our wedding venue. We were pretty early for this but we defiantly wanted our parents there with us and we figured the sooner the better. So picking our food was a big check off of our wedding to do list. I also got to celebrate a huge milestone for one of my best friends and also another huge success for Chris.


My best friend Bryan had his photography featured a magazine with a four page spread of some of his shots. And this past weekend Chris’s new venue, House of Blues Gardenwalk, opened with a huge opening party. Chris has worked for House of Blues for the past three years and last May they closed up their location in Downtown Disney. After 9 months of being shut down, they opened up their new location, just down the street at Gardenwalk, an outdoor mall here in Anaheim. It was an amazing party with tons of media, celebrity guests and amazing music.

I had to prep for these out of living room activities. I feel like I’ve been in hiding on my couch since November, so this month, with spring on the horizon, I realized I had to start hydrating my face so a bi weekly sheet mask became my best friend. Full sheet masks, under eye masks, charcoal, aloe… they were all my best friends this month. And they all made Chris laugh at me, and try to take my picture, every time.

My favorites have been the SOO AE Green Tea Collagen mask I got in my February IPSY subscription, Que Bella Professional Moisturizing gel eye masks that you can get at Target and my all-time favorite agave lip mask by Bite that you can get at Sephora. But I am going to keep trying more and maybe put together a post of my favorite masks later in the spring.

Can anyone tell I am super excited for spring to come? What are your favorite spring activities?


We had to try the new brewery that opened close to our house. Stereo’s wheat beer, Hazy Jane…. YUM! Try it!

I am so sad that this room isn’t big enough to hold our entire wedding. But how cute is the barrel room at Wilson Creek Winery in Temecula. So cute.

Blackbird in Temecula is such a yummy brunch spot to check out pre-wine tasting.

December Round Up

The past two months have been pretty hectic here in Orange County. We placed a deposit on a venue for our wedding, which is pretty exciting. It was a very big check off of our wedding to-do list! Both Chris and I have been working hard, and crazy hours. December was full of holiday parties, Christmas shopping, and working on side projects. It was so great to have a three day weekend for Christmas and then again for New Years. Christmas weekend we vegged out with his family, slept in, and watched the Steelers game. But when Chris agreed to get away for New Years, I jumped at the chance. We just got home from a three day adventure to Scottsdale. More on that next week. But for now, check out our December. How was your holiday season?





A Year of New: 2017


Hello all! I am officially back from my two month hiatus, and things are looking a little different around here.

After almost three years and a lot of ups and downs over here on Megan & Eggs, I decided it was time to throw in the towel and do a little face lift to my corner of the internet. And so Restless Retreat has been born. This is my little retreat from life. A place to get away and talk about everything I enjoy. All things travel, beauty, home and exploration.

2016 was a big year for me and my fiance Chris. Well for one we got engaged back in April and it was one of the most amazing weekend’s I have had. A few weeks later I left my job of 8 years and started a new career, at a new company, in a totally different field of work. Oh and then the next week we moved into a new apartment. The spring was just a little stressful but in the most exciting and happy ways it could be.

Now that I have been fully trained at my new job, I went back to my old job, part-time, to save some money to this wallet draining wedding weekend we will be having in 2018. But it will be totally worth it!

We haven’t traveled too much in 2016. In January we went to Connecticut to visit family but otherwise, we have been pretty local, doing small day trips, however that is definitely not the case for 2017. I like to think that you will spend the year the way you ring it in, so I was super eager to be traveling while we ring in 2017. So currently we are spending the weekend in amazing Scottsdale, Arizona and I cannot wait to tell you all about it in the next few weeks.

This year I have a few trips back to Connecticut planned as I celebrate a few of my closest girlfriends getting married themselves. I am also going to have a big girl’s trip to Las Vegas which I am really excited for since some of my friends from home still haven’t been out to Vegas. And of course, I am sure Chris and I will take our normal impromptu weekend trips throughout the year.

I am super excited to see where this year takes me in my first full year as a travel agent and also here now that Restless Retreat is up and running. I plan on being much more transparent on this here blog, and stepping outside of my comfort zone to make sure I do that. My plan is to do a lot more scheduled posts and series than I had before; like a book review once a month, a monthly round up, and tons of informative posts for you about different products I am using, places I am going, things I am cooking and experiences I am having.