2020 Goals

Wow! Happy new year, happy new decade, happy roaring 20s! I haven’t felt like “holy crap I can’t believe it’s 2020” since 2000 when we all thought the world was going to end. 2019 calmed down a lot compared to the last few years. I took a few trips, got another promotion, spent my first full year in my new apartment, and started my first six months coaching a new team. So I guess I did a lot, but this year I got used to a lot of growing pains. Ironically, I can’t help but feel pretty comfortable moving into 2020.

Last year I didn’t share my goals but truth be told, I didn’t hit as many as I had hoped. The other day when I was reading last year’s goal’s post, I was reminded that the main goal I was working toward was living intentionally. 365 days later, I feel like I have. I’m spending a lot of what I used to have as free time, in a second job that I love. I read 10 books (listed below), but only visited 6 out of the 10 new cities I wanted to explore (also listed below).  I didn’t do a solo trip and I wasn’t active 3 times every week, but was pretty good with Barre3 most of the year.

This year my goals are based on what I didn’t hit in 2019 and ways to continue to improve myself personally and professionally. I plan on visiting a few new places and already have a trip planned somewhere down south in the next few months, and somewhere in the Caribbean with family. Looking very forward to soaking in the sunshine and working on my tan.

What are your 2020 plans??

2020 Goals
Read 10 new books
Take a solo trip
Pay off a credit card
Whole 30 in January
Make 6am my wake up time
Have 2 no-spend months

2019 Books
Here’s to Us
When Calls the Heart
When Comes the Spring
The Nordstrom Way
The Rumor
Summer House
The Identicals
How I Came to Sparkle Again
Winter Street
Winter Stroll

New Cities I Visited in 2019
St Augustine, FL
Philadelphia, PA
Charleston, SC
Saratoga Springs, NY
Asheville, NC
Helen, GA

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