Holiday Favorites

One of my favorite parts of the holidays are all of the traditions, but truth be told, life is always changing so traditions are changing. I wrote this post a few years ago about my favorite holiday traditions, and many of them still hold true. In fact, as I am writing this, I am held up on my couch watching the Holiday for the second third time this season.

This year my cousins, aunts and I got together to do a Christmas paint night. There are so many parties and things going on with our friends, it was nice to get together as a family and do a holiday activity together. Our amazing teacher (also a friend of mine so I may be biased) came up with the cutest picture for us to follow along and have a new holiday decoration each year. After we all went back to my mom’s for a soup party. I made this appetizer to bring and it was a hit, and super easy to make. So much of a hit I shared it with you earlier this week.

My girlfriends and I, for the past few years, have been getting together and doing an annual cookie swap. It’s a great way for us to get together, sit around a table, chat and eat all night and not have to worry about any responsibilities. This year we added in a Secret Santa ornament swap also. We don’t get each other girls for the holidays usually but it was a fun way to think of each other during the busiest time of year.

One of my favorite traditions every year is giving back. With work, I’ve always organized Adopt a Family, but this year we are doing a warm weather clothing drive. We’ve partnered with our local homeless shelter and the community to collect hats, gloves, scarves, and jackets to give to the people in our community that truly need it. Although I hate that we mainly focus on this around the holidays, I think it’s amazing to give back locally to your community.

This Christmas I picked up a few Christmas goodies that I am absolutely loving.

Christmas candle – I snagged this candle at the Newport Mansions a few weeks ago. As I walked into the souviner shop the scent of Balsam and Cedar filled the air and I was hooked. Lucky for me, I found it on Amazon at an even better price, and now I don’t need to drive two hours to pick up a replacement. And do you see that artwork on the outside of the candle.
Defined Dish cookbook – My favorite food blogger has finally gotten her own book deal. I don’t have it yet but this girl has been preordered for a while and I cannot wait for it to show up at the beginning of the year. Check her out, order her book, make her food. You won’t be disappointed. Promise.
Elin Hiderbrand Winter Series – This summer I got hooked on Elin Hilderbrand and her books about Nantucket and Martha’s Vineyard. This winter I’ve started her four part winter series. They are the perfect way to escape to the islands and stay in the holiday spirit. (Talk to me in February, I’ll be wanting her summer books ASAP.)
Old Navy Cozy socks – This is a tradition I have every year. Old Navy has their cozy socks on sale for $1 every black Friday and I stock up. They are great coworker gifts, paired with a candle and some tea, or a quick little way to make a bottle of wine and face mask night a little more special.

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