Where to Get the Perfect Instagram Shot in Banff, Canada

Last week I spent the entire week in Alberta, Canada exploring Banff National Park, Lake Louise, and bits of Jasper National Park and Yoho National Park. To say this trip was amazing would be an understatement. Anyone who’s been on Instagram in the past year or so has seen the amazing shots of girls in canoe in Lake Louise, or on top of the rock pile at Moraine Lake. We went and found some off the beaten path spots during our trip, but of coarse, had to keep in the oldies but goodies too. If you’re headed to Banff, here’s your insiders guide before you go of where to get the shot. A few I’ve already used on my own Insta feed.

Icefields Parkway– This secluded highway has amazing views since you’re driving straight through the center of the Rockies. We pulled off to the side and would run out to the middle of the street to get these shots. It made it so much fun and the snow-capped mountains with bright blue skies are absolutely stunning. We were kind of on a curve in the road so we made sure we had someone watching behind the photographer to make sure we were being safe. But hey, you do what you got to do to get the shot, am I right?

Waterfowl Lake– We did a lot of research on places to stop and check out along the Icefields Parkway but this was absolutely stunning and we ended up just stumbling upon it. Waterfowl Lake had so many places to take photos, sit on rocks, be on the lake bed. It definitely helped that we were there right at golden hour and the reflection of the mountains was a perfect mirror on the lake. Put this on your list.

Lake Agnus Teahouse– It was a HAUL up, but the views from the top were absolutely amazing. The trailhead begins right at Lake Louise and you hike 4.2 km up. There are rocks, and ice, and it was rough, but once you get to the top, there are views everywhere you turn. The tea house itself is so cute and quaint. The lake at the top is gorgeous and flows down the mountain. If you hike up a little further, on Little Beehive Trail you can see views of Lake Louise and Mirror Lake.

Lake Louise canoes– Pro tip: getting the quintessential cute photo, no life jacket looking like you’re the only one in the canoe shot is not the easiest. Go for a two-person canoe and then you have to row out pretty far. The lake isn’t that small. We did an hour canoe ride with three of us. The views of the glacier and the Fairmont are beyond anything you can imagine.

Lake Moraine– This lake had the best coloring I’ve ever seen. The blue was brighter than even Lake Louise, and when we were there, there were just a few canoes out, but they looked amazing. You can take the short little walk up Rockpile Trail to see the lake from a higher vantage point. It is everything these photos say it is. And then this log. Can we talk about the log? A little slippery but once you out there, it’s defiantly worth it.

Takakkaw Falls– Everything about this place was absolutely astonishing. We were here just as the leaves were starting to change colors, so the drive out to the falls was beautiful in itself. The road is much different than the highway or Icefields Parkway. The road is much smaller and it feels like you are driving through the tress. Once we got there, the small river that the falls lead into was gorgeous. The water was icy blue and there were so many places to get down into the water to get a great shot from a different angel. But what I loved the most about Takakkaw Falls was the view from the top. And this shot from the top of the rock, at the top of the falls was my favorite.

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