Valentine’s Gifts for Him

So about that game last night. It started off so well… and then turned out so bad. I’m not going to lie there were some fantastic commercials though. I loved the Melissa McCarthy Kia commercial. So funny. And how funny was Terry Bradshaw announcing with the stain on his shirt and then the Tide commercial following. I loved it.

Well happy hump day ya’ll! Today we are talking about gifts for him on Valentine ’s Day. Honestly Chris and I are not big Valentine’s celebrators. We don’t usually buy each other gifts because my birthday is literally ten days later so well what’s the point? Last year, Chris built me the beautiful table for our living room. He didn’t paint it because he wanted me to pick out a color, and a year later still no paint color. Clearly you can see I am very decisive.


This year, I’m still not too sure what I am going to get Chris… see decisive, so instead I put together my top items for a lady to get her guy on Valentine ’s Day. Since I worked in retail for so long, clothes were always a great go to for gifts for Valentine’s Day. This season Gap has amazing ts for men. I am always a fan of Gap’s spring collection.

These sunglasses were actually Chris’s Christmas gift, but they are a perfect gift for any guy. Whether your guy is a golfer, an avid cyclist or … you know, just walks outside, these sunnies are the perfect combination of sporty and casual. This subscription for Dollar Beard Club is something Chris actually found on his own and because obsessed with. The Sandalwood Oil is absolutely amazing. And apparently it makes your beard feel great too (according to Christopher).

And as always the go to Fossil watch or electronics are always great options for gifts. The Amazon Echo is something Chris and I have been discussing getting. I’m not sure if we really need it in our little two bedroom apartment, but our lazy side will definitely enjoy it.

What are you getting your guy for Valentine’s Day? Any good suggestions?