Whole 30 Recap

Okay, okay, I know it’s a little late. It’s already Friday & I ended Whole 30 last week & you have no idea my thoughts & opinions!! Well friends, I started a new job this week & my body is getting a little used to normal hours. 9-5, Monday through Friday is just craziness on my body & my sleep pattern. But more about that later, this post is about Whole 30.

I can’t lie, the last 15 days were definitely not as successful as the first. I worked two weeks straight at 5 am & when it comes down to it, a girl can only eat so many hard boiled eggs. I had a lot of Starbucks breakfast sandwiches & by the last week I even had some pasta. But truth be told I felt such a difference eating pasta now that I had cut it out of my diet for almost 30 days. Insane!

I defiantly learned something, not just about eating healthy, but also about what I should probably eat way less of. I am absolutely going to adapt some of these little tid-bits into my day to day diet, & also eliminate some things also.


My Favorites

Obsessed with cauliflower fried rice. Obsessed! It is just as good as regular fried rice without feeling sluggish after you eat it from all of the carbs. Even off of the diet, I made some last night & had left overs for lunch today. A little secret though, sometimes I would cheat & put a few drops of soy sauce in it. And guess what… I’m still alive!

My Cheats

Obviously I cheated a little, since I used some soy sauce in my cauliflower fried rice. But I also had a few glasses of wine during my 30 days. But let me tell you, now if I have one glass of wine I am a little tipsy, which I call a win. Chris & I would regularly have a night cap, whether it be a craft beer from a local brewery or a glass of wine from one of the wineries we are members at. But this month I only had a glass if we were drinking socially with friends, & even then, I had one.

What I Will Take Away from Whole 30

So far in the week that I have been officially off of Whole 30 I haven’t strayed too far from Whole 30 which is great. My dinners are still protein & vegetable based. We haven’t really had too many carbs, & don’t plan on it. Especially after eating the pasta last week. I have gone back to a slice of toast in the morning with my over-medium egg, & oh how I have missed you so. I am excited to be able to have yogurt again in the mornings also.

Breakfast is definitely one meal that I didn’t enjoy this diet at all. Waking up early enough to make breakfast each day, or eating a cheese-less quiche isn’t always the best. So even if I do continue on with some of the Whole 30 habits, breakfast time will definitely be a cheat time of day.

What are you doing to get summer beach body ready?? How are you keeping on track?


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