Top Gun on Top of Hollywood


A lot of changes have been happening since we got engaged. The same day Chris popped the big question I had a phone interview with a travel agency. And now as of week ago, I have a new 9-5 job. I get up at the same time every day, no more 4 am shifts, & most importantly, no more spending the entire weekend at work. On top of that, this week we are moving a bigger apartment, so it’s been a lot of change all within the past 6 weeks.

Last week, as I adjusted to my new job, I got to thinking about how my new job is going to affect my blog. Obviously a blog is supposed to be a reflection of the writer’s life. With my new schedule I am going to be doing a lot more traveling, & even though I will be home for dinner every night, photographing food at 7pm isn’t too ideal.

With a wedding to pay for in the next year & a half, I don’t plan on traveling too far, but we will definitely be doing a lot of overnight & day trips. When I moved to California I went everywhere. I explored the central coast, got lost in the dessert, & drove the San Diego a couple times a month. I can’t wait to get back to exploring, & I started last month when my friends & I went to a roof top movie in Hollywood.


I am always looking for new & exciting things to do. I love being able to have experiences that I can share with friends & remember back on. So when our old roommate found tickets to the Rooftop Cinema Club I made sure to get the night off of work & drive my butt up to downtown Hollywood to sit on that roof & watch that movie.

Just a block from Hollywood & Vine is the Montalban Theater Rooftop. Up, what felt like 1,000,000 stairs, is a rooftop lined with lawn chairs, a barbecue, & bar. Literally what else do you need for a night at the movies?? Movies they show range from Clueless to the Godfather & you purchase your ticket in advance for the show you’d like to see.

We went to watch Top Gun, & let me tell you, watching Tom Cruise at 24 on a big screen is an experience every woman should have. I never knew I had a miniscule crush on the young Tom Cruise until that night.

So just at sunset, with my glass of wine in one hand & popcorn in another, we sat under blankets, with headphones on listening to the movie. If you want to look for tickets you can go here. Movies are playing all summer at this location. Check it out!!!







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