Whole 30 Recap

Okay, okay, I know it’s a little late. It’s already Friday & I ended Whole 30 last week & you have no idea my thoughts & opinions!! Well friends, I started a new job this week & my body is getting a little used to normal hours. 9-5, Monday through Friday is just craziness on my body & my sleep pattern. But more about that later, this post is about Whole 30.

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Halfway Through Whole 30


Happy Sunday friends! What do I owe you this pleasure of a Sunday posting?? The first 15 days of my Whole 30 stint is just about over. I am halfway there. Last week I told you guys that I was going to start Whole 30. A month full of no carbs, no alcohol, no sugar, no dairy, & no fun. Well now I am going to share my favorite recipes, my cheats, what I miss & what helped me get by.

Besides following Whole 30 I am also using the My Fitness Pal app to track my calories throughout the day. It really holds me accountable and makes sure I don’t go crazy on those spinach salads & grilled chicken.


My Favorites

As most of you know, I love me some pasta, but I also love veggies. So last Thursday I put two & two together & made some amazing meatballs with red sauce to put over spaghetti squash. Super simple & all from the Whole30 book. Well except for my pasta sauce. That’s my mom’s quick sauce recipe. But it is super simple & Chris even liked it. Shocker!!

My Cheats

My schedule gets a little crazy sometimes at work. If I close the store a lot of times I don’t go to work until 1:30pm and take my lunch between 4 & 5. So usually I eat a pretty big brunch, usually eggs, an avocado, & some sort of fruit, & then for dinner I can have left over protein & veggies from the night before. But around 8pm, before I am off for the night, I usually end up getting a little hungry. Even though oats, grains, & wheat are all big no-nos on Whole 30, I bought some Kashi bars to tie me over. But don’t worry friends, I found a solution. After looking into Whole 30 a little better, I saw I am able to eat LaraBars. Next week I won’t be cheating.

Okay & truth is, I did have some wine the other night, & let me tell you, 1 glass got me a little tipsy. Two got me drunk. Apparently now I have the tolerance of a 15 year old sneaking wine at the dinner table. I don’t hate it though.

What I Miss

Wine. I miss wine. Currently I am watching Olivia Pope & Abby drink beautiful red wine out of their massively tall wine glasses, the same glasses that I have sitting over on my dry bar, & I want to jump through the TV to take a sip. Uhg, 15 more days.

What Helped Me Get By

One night I wanted something sweet. And bad. So I got a banana & drizzled some almond butter over it for the perfect amount of sweet without the sugar. I use Trader Joe’s Raw Almond Butter because it has the least amount of sugars of all the almond butters I have found. Anyone else have some Whole 30 fixes to sweet cravings?