Friday Favorites: Blogs

Today’s Friday Favorite is going to be based on blog articles I’ve come across this week. Since I am pretty new to this whole blog thing I’ve been doing a lot of research but not just on foodie blogs. Financial, lifestyle, clothing: I’ve been looking at them all. So here are a few of my favorites I came across this week.

  1. Lo Bosworth’s You Tube Channel: What’s in My Bag (Fall Edition)

Okay I am a little biased on this. I am a big Lo Bosworth fan. (I’m 26, don’t judge) But she has taken her blog to the next level and just recently started a You Tube page to expand her fan base. Last week she did a simple little What’s in My Bag video blog.

2. Money Saving Mom: A Month of Financial Fasting

When you read articles about paying down your debt they all say the same thing. Raise your income and lower your payments. Well dah. If it were that easy though credit card companies would not make any money because we would all have it figured out. This article, however, makes a little game out of saving money once a year. Organize your home and find what you could get rid of. Sell clothing, decorations and anything that’s still in good shape on eBay or at second hand stores. The author suggests using free toiletry samples and any stock piled food you have in the house. If we all looked around and were a little creative I am sure we can go a few weeks without stopping at the grocery store for anything but fresh fruits and veggies.

3. Young Adult Money: 5 Frugal Ways to Celebrate the Holidays

The holidays are always an expensive time of year. This blog post gives some ideas of how to save money while bringing in the holiday spirit. When I worked in retail all of the managers would buy gifts for each other. Well buying an extra 5 gifts a year can really add up so one weekend in December my girlfriends and I would get together bake a ton of cookies and make holiday drinks and make an event out of it. So much fun. My other favorite is movie night at home. Make some popcorn, pop in Elf or A Christmas Story and enjoy the season next to the Christmas tree.

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