Red Skinned Mashed Potatos


1 lb red skinned potatoes
3 garlic cloves
3 Tbsp butter
¼ cup milk
Salt and pepper

1. Clean potatoes and peal any brown spots. Leave about half of the skin on the potatoes and cut them into 1 inch cubes.
2. Bring water to a boil in a saucepan. Once the water is boiling rapidly add the potato cubes and pealed garlic; let sit.
3. Boil until potatoes are tender and break apart at the touch of a fork.
4. Drain water and return to pan adding butter, milk and salt and pepper. The garlic should still be with the potatoes.
5. Smash potatoes with a potato-masher. Do not whip, you want a chunky consistency. Add extra milk for a creamier dish. I have even added two tablespoons of French onion dip for added flavor.


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