Honey BBQ Mini Hot Dogs

Last week I had a few friends over last minute. It was still pretty early so grabbing an easy chips and salsa just wouldn’t cut it. But serving some Honey BBQ Mini Hot Dogs would really do the trick! I never think to pick up a pack of these. I always think: then I need to get crescent rolls, wrap up all of the mini wieners, and bake them. Way too much work, especially when they sell a box of frozen pigs in a blanket for a few bucks more than a one pound package costs. It really is as simple as unloading the packaged hot dogs into a crock pot, pouring in a cup of your favorite brand Honey BBQ Sauce. I stirred them a time or two in the four hours they cooked on high to make sure the BBQ sauce was covering the entirety of the appetizer. I served and everyone loved them. This is defiantly a great little trick to use for last minute gatherings. A friend of mine even suggested using frozen mini meatballs. Follow the directions exactly adding two hours to the cook time and there you have it.  A appetizer that will actually fill your guests up and not be the same old chips and dip.

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