Gift Guide: Stocking Stuffers

I feel like I start picking up stocking stuffers for people as early as September every year. Whenever I find a cute winter accessory, a piece of stationary for someone’s desk or basically anything that screams cozy, I grab it knowing I can gift it to someone with a gift card and call it a day. These are the gifts that add just a little extra to a gift for someone (because everyone likes opening multiple gifts no matter how tiny they are). Cozy socks, winter headbands, gloves, hats: all of my favorite gifts! These are great for both guys and girls and any age. (Full disclosure, I already have a shopping bag full of winter accessories for gifts this year.) I love all EOS products but this Organic Stick Lip Balm is my favorite.

I went into Aerie last weekend and I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised by their pajama options. So cute! And I absolutely love these shorts. For your beauty loving friends, a cute set of brushes is always a good go to or this mask by Lush. I am obsessed.

This year I have a ton of holiday content coming your way so make sure to keep your eyes pealed for a little bit of travel, home, recipes and more gift guides. See you Wednesday!

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