12 Non Boozy Things To Do in Las Vegas

If you’ve been around here for a while, or even a little bit, you know Las Vegas is one of my favorite places. Now if you’re not from the southwest I understand that this can make me sound like a complete lush. Even as a travel agent, I find myself justifying Las Vegas as a perfect long weekend getaway. But there have been many trips where I have gone to Vegas and done non boozy activities.

So instead of justifying myself over and over again, I thought I’d compile a list of 15 non boozy things to do in Las Vegas.

1. See a Show
Oh my goodness this has to be one of my faovirte things to do in Vegas. And now with the new TMobile arena, there are even more options of shows to see. I’ve seen a few different Cirque de Soleil shows, Blue Man Group, Jennifer Lopez and so many more different shows while in Las Vegas. And there are so many more shows that I want to see. (Like Backstreet Boys and Britney!) These shows are absolutely fantastic and there are options for everyone’s style.

2. Grand Canyon Tour and the Hoover Dam
The first time I went to Las Vegas, my sister and I joined our parents for a little family vaca. My parents had gone the year before and weren’t really into visiting the Grand Canyon again, so my sister and I woke up early one day, took a taxi to a hotel downtown and hoped on a bus tour to the Grand Canyon. It was pretty interesting learning about the history of Boulder City and how the Hoover Dam was built. Our first stop was the dam, where we grabbed a bite to eat and then headed out to the Grand Canyon. For our first trip out to the West, it was definitely worth the visit.

3. Freemont Street Experience and Zipline
All the way at the north end of the current strip is Freemont Street. This is where the hotels that built Las Vegas are still standing. At night you can head down to Freemont Street via taxi, Uber or even the bus system, and check out the light show. Hanging over a few blocks on famous Freemont Street is a huge screen of LED lights. When I was there last there, the show played lights to classic rock music. And if you’re up for it, there is even a new zipline that runs down the street.

4. Venetian Canals and Gondolas
Just like Italy. Okay maybe not but this hotel is definitely somewhere you can spend the day exploring the high end shops, taking a ride on the gondolas, and ending the night with some pasta. The Venetian is defiantely one of my favorite hotels to get lost in.

5. Seven Magic Mountains
Last summer, after our trip to Vegas to see Garth Brooks, we stopped off of route 15 to see the oh so instagramable pieces of art along the freeway. Check it out here, and next time you’re in Nevada, check out these rocks. They are absolutely enormous and a sight to be seen.


6. Stratosphere thrill rides
Not something that I have done, or will do, but if you are a thrill seeker you need to visit the Stratosphere. Here you can bungee jump, go on a rollercoaster and a set of swings, all sitting 1,149 feet above Las Vegas Blvd. Or if you’re like me you can watch all of the crazies from the observation tower where they have a cute little restaurant. (If you really want to freak someone how, bring them here and don’t tell them about the bungee jumping… then watch their face as someone falls off the side of the building… it’s great.)

7. The Neon Museum Las Vegas
The Neon Museum is a pretty cool stop for any history or entertainment buff. With 6 acres full of old neon lights and signs, these signs show the history of Las Vegas and pays omage to some of the cities most famous attractions.

8. Golf…or better yet, TopGolf
TopGolf came to Las Vegas a few years ago, and now you can’t go there without a wait. Anytime you want to hit some balls, you can head over to the four story dirving range between 9am and 2am, attached to the MGM Grand. There are climate controlled bays where servers can serve you food (or booze) between your practice swings. There are even two pools, VIP cabanas and private suites. Very Las Vegas.

9.Helicopter Tour of the Strip
I haven’t done this yet, but it is definitely on my bucket list. For myself, I may need a little vino to get myself up in a helicopter but for most people, this can be a non boozy activity. I’ve always loved the view of the strip from up high. On my last trip to Vegas, I was that annoying guest at check in asking if there was anything better. I went back three times but the view was pretty good.

10. The Mob Museum
Based in the old Las Vegas Courthouse and Post Office the mob museum was built to show the history of organized crime in the US, which is actually a lot of the history of Las Vegas. This has been a place I’ve wanted to visit in Las Vegas since it opened about 5 years ago.

11. High Roller at the LINQ
The High Roller is new to the strip but has quickly become a part of the Las Vegas skyline. This beautiful, huge Ferris wheel sits right in the middle of Las Vegas Blvd. behind the LINQ hotel. You can take the trip during the day or at night, in a “cabin” with an open bar, or how I like to view it, from the ground at the Promenade at the bottom. Hanging out at the Promenade is a nice little afternoon of stopping in the stores, grabbing a drink at one of the restaurants or bars or even a cupcake at Sprinkles.

12. Fountains of Bellagio , Mirage Volcano and Treasure Island’s Pirate Show

Most people visiting Las Vegas make it a point to check out the Bellagio’s water show that goes off every half hour to 15 minutes each afternoon and night depending on the day. But there are other shows along the strip that don’t get as many spectators. Depending on weather both the volcano at the Mirage and the pirate show at Treasure Island are really cool and fun shows to stop and check out.



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