April Round Up (and a little bit of March)

ay, okay, this is actually more like a March and April round up. With all of my traveling the past few months, I’ve been a little behind on some of my posts. But May is a new month and you can’t change the past can you?

In March I went out to Connecticut to shower my best friend before her wedding at the end of this month. It was beautiful. Besides being able to be around for her beautiful bridal shower, I also was able to be home for my cousin’s 30th birthday and for my sister’s new puppy’s first weekend home. I love being able to go home and be a part of such special occasions even though I live so far away. My cousin was my first friend. We are five weeks apart and were dressed alike and raised alike our whole lives. We went to summer camp together every summer, did gymnastics together for years, and even ended up being college roommates. Being able to ring in her dirty thirty with her was fabulous!

April was a little different than March. I was able to spend much more time outdoors and do some of my favorite summer activities. Well currently I am finishing up a weekend away in Vegas, but more on that later.  We had a BBQ at our friends new house, spent a Saturday in the Flower Fields in Carlsbad and had Easter Brunch on the Queen Mary in Long Beach. I loved being able to be outside, and my skin needed the prep before this weekend in the desert sun. Keep an eye out for a post in the next few weeks about the Carlsbad Flower Fields and also a summer bucket list as we head into my favorite time of year. 

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