Wedding Planning for Dummies

As soon as I got engaged people started asking me: how’s the wedding planning process going? Well friends… it’s going. And it probably will continue to be “going” for the next 18 months! Every day I think of (or someone reminds me of) something else I need to do. Someone offers a tip I need to remember, or if I am lucky, gives me a vendor that they have had an amazing experience with.

It’s a lot to handle ladies!wpd-engagement-3

But honestly, there are so many resources out there to help you stay updated & get ideas from, fingers crossed I won’t forget anything.
I have been doing everything I can to take in advise & ideas for my big day, & all of the events leading up to it. There is wedding dress shopping, asking my bridesmaids & maid of honor to be in the wedding, engagement photos, my shower, & of coarse… my bachelorette. And this type A personality isn’t about to let anyone else plan that celebration.

I put together a little list of my favorite resources I’ve been using so far in my wedding planning process below. 18 months is a long time off so I am sure along the way I will find even more. What are your favorite resources from planning your wedding?? Let me know what you’ve used below!

Wedding Dress Shopping
I went dress shopping for the first time this weekend and the first question I was asked was “when you’re looking on Pinterest, what are you drawn to?” What!!? If you asked me three years ago what type of dress I’d want, I would say a-line dress, strapless, with a sweetheart neckline. Three days ago I would say I want a beaded strapped, v-neck dress. Today… I have no idea!! Look at as many dresses as you can, from as many dresses as you can. Your wedding dress consultant is going to be the best person to ask for dress advice. They don’t care what you’re mom wants you to wear, or what you think you want to wear. They care about what is going to fit your body type best & what is going to make your day magical.

Engagement Photos
I literally screen shot a photo probably every day of a background that I love, or a pose a bride and groom are doing. Using other bride & groom’s photos is my favorite resource. That is exactly why I am in love with this active page that the oh so fabulous Wedding Paper Divas came up with on their blog a few months ago. It is perfect to narrow down exactly what type of photo will work for you & you’re hunny. You may even find some location ideas or poses that you never thought of for yourself.

A Bridal Shower
Okay, okay, I don’t think my mom will actually allow me to plan my bridal shower but I am currently in the process of planning one of my girlfriend’s so I am on the lookout for shower ideas too. Center pieces, favors, games, a room full of women. Definitely not something I am used to, so research is necessary. I use Instagram to my fullest potential. Gift ideas, table décor ideas. It’s all on there. Here are some of my favorite accounts: @casadeperrin & @stylemepretty

My Bachelorette Party
This I will be planning. From the day we got engaged, I knew exactly what I wanted from my bachelorette party & I am the type of person that make sure I get the experience I want. I’ve never been to Napa & I know this may come a shock to some of you, but I love wine! So we are going to Napa Valley! Lucky for me, part of my job consists of researching vacations for my clients, so last week when a lady said she wanted to plan a girl’s trip to Napa, I hopped on board. I can’t lie that I asked her to let me know everything about her trip. I want to know their favorite wineries, best places to eat & how the hotel is. Other people are your best resources. They have first had experiences & knowledge of what they are suggesting. And most likely, if they’re suggesting it, it is something well deserved. Take every DJs name, every bakery, & every photographer’s referral seriously & meet with them to see if they fit what you’re looking for.


Photo by: Wedding Paper Divas

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