Happy 2016!!


Wow, it feels like yesterday I was writing this post, welcoming 2015. I say the same thing every year but it is honestly crazy to see how much has changed in one year. As I was writing out my Christmas cards this year I couldn’t help but see how many changes have happened to my family & friends. So many people celebrated such amazing times. A few of my cousins expanded their families welcoming babies, friends got engaged, people took trips, family & friends bought homes. I can’t help but be so happy for everyone in 2015.

Chris & I made a goal this year to focus on work in 2015 & focus on our careers. I was lucky enough to be able to get another promotion this year & truly show my strengths at work. Chris has taken his career to the next level & is working on getting his certification. We have taken fun trips & celebrated exciting times with friends & 2016 had just as much excitement planned.

Of course we will have our annual Big Bear trip with friends this spring & going to Scottsdale to start off baseball season with Spring Training. We also plan on heading to Vegas again in June to see both of our favorite singer from childhood, Garth Brooks, perform, but we will be starting the year by heading to Connecticut to spend some time with my family.

I am super excited to see where 2016 takes us as a couple & individually. I plan on making the most of the last full year of my 20s before I hit the big 3-0. 2015 was very work focused. I refocused my blog, Chris had his classes at night. Ironically this is our first weekend off together in a few months & we are both sitting at the table writing & studying right now. My goal for 2016 is to make the most of every moment & create a more sensible work life balance.

Last year when I made my goals I was very specific & the truth is, much of my goals are not what I am focusing on right now. I think last year I was finding where I wanted to be & what I wanted to do as I wasn’t happy at work & didn’t know how to take this blog to a fun & natural place. Now I am in a much better place at work, working on my blog makes me inspired & it is fun, which makes looking forward easier & exciting.

This year I know what I am focusing on… & while my personal & professional goals are very detailed, I am leaving them pretty much open as I don’t know where we will be by the end of the year. There are many changes that can happen in 2016 & instead of honing down & planning for a path I am not 100% sure of, I am going to keep my goals to myself & just simply push forward.

I wish each & everyone of you a happy & healthy New Year.


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