Hey there again!

FloridaHey guys, I am back! As you can see my little section of the blogosphere has had quite the face-lift in the past few months. After a little over a year blogging I thought it was time to take my blog to the next level and that started with the look of it. The most important thing I thought of while redecorating my blog was making sure it was a clean layout and easy to navigate to make sure all of you can find whatever you want over here.

And speaking of finding what you want, the content has had a little pick me up as well. Or rather a the content went back to it’s roots. When I started my blog in October 2013 I wanted to express my love for food and cooking. I am a home cook. I have learned from my mom, copied recipes from my grandmas and messed up plenty of dishes to become the cook I am today. For a little while I veered off the course that Megan and Eggs was originally created. Now I am going back to what I love which is cooking, creating and sharing amazing recipes with real friends and virtual friends.

Besides sharing my favorite dishes with all of you readers I plan on sharing travel tips and stories. Traveling is something that I am passionate about and truly enjoy. There is nothing better than planning a trip, heading to the airport, and getting away for a little bit. Whether it is to sight see and explore a place you have never been or completely get away and relax somewhere on a beach, either way, I completely love traveling and would love to share my experiences with you.

And we haven’t really been staying still over here on the west coast. My boyfriend, Chris, and I went on a trip to Jupiter, FL where we were able to both get away from work and completely relax while visiting with family. And in just a few weeks we are going on a little road trip to Portland, Oregon which I am so excited for, as well as a trip or two to Vegas this fall.

Being able to share the food, drinks and places we go is something that I am beyond happy for and truly passionate about. I am excited that I am able to share with you everything I am experiencing, cooking and the placing I am wandering to. Check back in for my journey!




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