Why I’d Like to Cut Cable

The past few days I was a little blog MIA. Work was pretty crazy and I was in the store at 4 a.m. four days last week. After going from work to cheerleading practice (I coach as my second job) all I wanted to do when I got home was shower, sleep and wake up with some coffee the next day. With a few days to finally veg out I am ready to get back to this here blog. Enjoy.

Why I’d Like to Cut Cable

Before I moved in with Chris and our other roommates I lived in a cute little studio apartment by myself. There I was able to be as frugal as I wanted to and cut as many corners as I could. If I wanted it to be freezing and layer my bed with blankets, that’s what I did. When I wanted to cancel cable, I did it. In fact, I lived without cable and internet for the last 6 months I was in my studio.

When I first moved in I had a sign up bonus. It was something along the lines of cable and internet for $80 a month for cable and internet. But then my year was up and I all of a sudden was paying $130 on the some service I was getting before. That just didn’t make sense to me. I called and tried to fight it and they were able to give me another deal but that expired after two months.

That’s when I decided I wasn’t going to call the dreaded cable company every few months to negotiate a price. And so I canceled.

At first it was a little weird. I had to use my cell phone for any internet browsing, Facebook stalking or email checking. My other option was to go to a coffee house or bring my laptop to work and do what I needed to on my breaks.

As far as TV was concerned, Netflix and Redbox became my two best friends. I caught up on full seasons of TV shows and watched more movies then I knew what to do with. Not having TV also forced me to read more and even to go out more. I tend to be a homebody if not pushed.

Currently we have cable and internet. Pretty basic cable, no HBO or movie channels, and internet at the middle speed they offer. We also have 4 boxes with DVR. We pay close to $200 a month. The boxes with DVR is $28 a month, so we are paying about $175 for the same services I had two years ago for $100 cheaper.

Chris has called on many occasions to lower our cost and the cable company happy obliges, for a month and then for some reason or another the rate is raised again for next month. I am tired of playing this game with the cable companies. I have never thought to switch to satellite television but that seems like something good to look into next time we are shopping for cable.

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