Challenge: Week 2

Challenge: Week 2

I discount my fail on my workout goal this week that’s to the first date syndrome. It’s always nerve wracking to go on that first date, put yourself out there, step onto that treadmill and run. Oh wait were not talking about running?

All week I found every excuse not to go to the gym. I over slept one day, another day my favorite TV show was coming back on. Well yesterday is where it stopped. I walked in there, got my barcode key fob thing, set up a workout assessment (complimentary of course) and took s little run on the elliptical.

This week, including tomorrow when I go I will only have gone twice missing my goal of 3 trips to the gym. Next week I will be better. I have my assessment scheduled for Tuesday and I plan on going 3 other times next week, making my goal 4 trips to the gym. Here we go!!

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