Homemade Margarita

There are things happening people!! Happy Cinco de Mayo friends! Today we are talking about beverages! The adult kind with a little bit of lime. Yep you got it! Homemade margaritas. So I think many of you are aware that I work in retail… & if we are to be 100% honest… retail hours suck. I love the flexibility of my job but I hate the holiday hours, working on the weekends, & not seeing my family for Christmas for the past 5 years.

So my friend, & fellow retail worker/east coast originator, Bryan & I have been working on a little project help relieve us of our terrible work schedules. Our project is involving some soy wax, a lot of sent testing & mixing, & a lot of market research. Wondering what we’ve been working on? Well if you haven’t put the clues together you are just going to have to wait. We aren’t 100% ready yet to let out our little secret but in the next few weeks I will let you all know.


Today we are here to talk about Bryan & my favorite beverage while we are working on our project. When we worked together a few years back we would spend every other Wednesday after work at happy hour at an amazing Mexican restaurant in Sherman Oaks, CA, Casa Vega. If you are ever in LA take the trip over the hill to try it! It is a Los Angeles landmark & has been around since 1956 bringing in celebrities & locals alike.

When Bryan & I first started talking about our project we began over a few of these beautiful little things & our ideas started sparking to life. We decided we wanted to make our brain storming session it a fun night so we ran to the grocery store, walked pass the margarita mix, & straight to produce section. We were wanted a nice fresh drink instead of a sugar filled syrup. Making the margaritas fresh brings out the flavor of the tequila & makes you sip on it rather than, well pounding it.

Which you will thank me for in the morning.

Try these out & let me know how you think. I for sure know I will be having one tonight.


In a 6 oz glass

2 oz tequila
½ lime, juiced
1 oz simple syrup
1 oz triple sec
Fill with water and stir

Fall Whiskey Sangria

When I was in college my cousin & I took a week long trip to England & Ireland. I fell in love. Lately I have been wunderlusting more & more about wanting to travel to the U.K. Our trip was so short & we jam packed so much into it, I barely remember any of the places we visited or things we did. I totally want to go back… stat!

One thing that I remember clearly was a night in Dublin we went to Temple Bar & the bartender introduced me to Patty’s whiskey & Sprite or Lemonade, as they call it. Um yum!! So simple & tasty. This was where I started to enjoy whiskey & not cover it up with a ton of heavy colas.


Well last year Chris’s aunt & uncle had come to Orange County for work & we had them over for dinner. We began talking about whiskey & somehow Patty’s whiskey came up. Apparently they sell this Irish whiskey at a liquor store near their house on the east coast. So for Christmas they sent us a bottle of the original Patty’s whiskey & also Devil’s Apple flavored whiskey… YUM. This year I made a Fall Sangria using the apple spice whiskey.

It was so yummy I thought it would be a perfect drink to enjoy when we passed out candy on Halloween. Each year we spend Halloween at our friend Patrick’s house. His neighborhood goes all out for Halloween with multiple haunted houses, hundreds of kids, & Patrick and I sit at his stoop passing out candy, & enjoying an adult beverage as Chris runs around scaring children in his clown costume. (I know, he’s really interesting.) This year our adult beverage was my Fall Sangria, & honestly I wish I made more.

I topped it off with Wilson Creek almond champagne. I find the almond champagne to have an earthier flavor and aroma rather than a normal champagne. The earthiness definitely goes better with the apple & pears for this drink. It definitely doesn’t give the sugar high hangover that normal champagne gives either, which is always nice, but it does make this drink sneak up on you a little bit, so be careful.


2 glasses:

½ cup apple whiskey
½ cup apple cider
1 apple cubed
½ Bartlett Pear, cubed
Topped with a 1 oz sparkling cider floater