Ultimate Travel Bucket List

Everyone has a bucket list… I just read that in a meme. But it could not be more true. Unfortunately with the job I have as a travel agent, my bucket list is ever expanding. Monday through Friday my job is to book people the vacations of their dreams. In the morning I can book a multi-generational family an amazing cruise, by lunch I am sending a couple on their dream retirement vacation to Europe and before five I am sending another couple on their honeymoon to Fiji. Meanwhile I am sitting in Connecticut, behind a desk, semi pulling my hair out, as I wanderlust and have crazy FOMO.

But for real, all I am doing is adding onto my own bucket list and secretly planning my next vacation.

I started thinking and actually narrowing down where I wanted to go and realized that some places I wanted to see were actually just experiences I wanted to have. So I thought long and hard about what would be on my ultimate travel bucket list and thought I’d share it with you.

Lake Louise and the Canadian Rockies
Last year, travel to Europe was pretty rocky and looking into 2017, people were loving the Canadian Rockies. Canada was voted the number one travel destination for 2017, so as a travel professional I had to dive into the west coast of the country to the north of us… and I fell in love. So much so that a few friends and I are looking to explore a little next summer.

A Villa in Tuscany
But for real though. Most of you know I am a complete foodie and love my wine. Is there anywhere better than Tuscany for a foodie? I don’t think so. I obviously want to explore the normal, Rome, Venice, Amalfi Coast, but more so I want to actually live like a local in Tuscany.

Alaska Cruise
I know, how cliché. I told my mom this summer that I wanted to do a family vacation there, and she had zero interest at all. Welp, I guess I will have to go on my own. Any takers? But for real this is the perfect place to see with your entire family. There is something for all ages, and all activitiy levels. (sorry my inner travel agent just came out real fast.) But for real, I don’t think I am a big cruise person but Alaska, is there any other way of seeing it?

River Cruise along the Rhine
And to be specific, give me a wine cruise! During September and October, just like here in the US, is the perfect time for harvest in Europe. I would love to bring out the 60 year old inside me and enjoy all of the good food and wine between Amsterdam and Basel.

This country was never super high on my list. And then I was able to see the country through a few Vloggers and Bloggers that I follow and I decided I needed to go… stat! Okay, I have zero plans yet, but its pretty high on this list. The georgous mountains, amazingly clean cities, and beautiful fields to bike through, where can I sign up?

Northern Lights
Whether it’s sleeping in a hotel under the stars in Norway or driving along the coast in Iceland, I want to see the “green stuff in the sky” as one of my friends called it the other night.

French Polynesia
Ok well I am pretty sure this is pretty high up on most people’s bucket list. It’s not just the bungalows over the water that I can’t wait to check out one day, but the amazingly crystal clear waters, insane amount of marine life and the beautifully exotic culture that is no where else in the world.



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