How to Look & Feel Fresh After a Weekend of Traveling

I am just getting back from a crazy 60 hours on the east coast where I was go go go. Last Friday after work, Chris dropped me off at the airport where I flew home to visit my friends and family in Connecticut. I haven’t been home in a full year and was in desperate need of some friend time, and cousin time. Lucky for me, everyone was able to get together and spend the weekend together. Saturday some of my bridesmaids and I were able to go and have them look at dresses for our wedding next year. And after that they threw me a little fake birthday party since I won’t be around at the end of February during my actual birthday.

Sunday most of my family members were able to get together for some lunch and wine at my mom’s house. Last year I had three cousins who had babies and I was itching to see how these little guys grew in the past year. And they did not disappoint! The little munchkins are so cute. And neither did the food. When I tell you we went through five loaves of large stuffed breads, I am not exaggerating. I don’t even know where you can get stuffed breads in Orange County. Italian food in Connecticut is no joke kids!

I headed back to the airport around noon on Monday but I was still able to stop by a girlfriend’s house to see her new born and stop by another bridal shop to scour for a dress my sister fell in love with a few months ago, and now we cannot find. So once I got in the car to head back to the airport, I finally sat down for a minute and realized that was the first time I had slowed down since getting on the plane Friday night.

I instantly felt the bags under my eyes growing and the pimples on my face getting bigger and bigger. I landed in Los Angeles at 8pm and had to be at work just 12 hours later and I knew I needed to get my face and my schedule back on track.

Sleep on Red Eye Flights

I don’t think I have ever flow from west to east on anything but a red eye. Lucky for me there are tons of options from LA, Orange County and Burbank for red eyes into JFK. When I get on the plane I usually do a little work and make sure I get to bed. If I need a little extra push to falling asleep I make sure I dim my TV screen in front of me, ask for some hot water and steep a small cup of green tea with mint. This is my favorite tea to fall asleep to. That way when I land at JFK at 5:30 in the morning I can pound a cup of coffee and I am usually good for most of the day. This time around, my friends and I didn’t get home from the bar until 2 in the morning and somehow I went the whole day with just a 20 minute power nap.

Drink tons of Water

I always try to skip the coffee while I am actually on the plane. Instead I opt for tons of water to keep myself hydrated and my circulation up. And I don’t think I have ever had alcohol on a plane. It just seems a little counterproductive to have a drink and then need to have water to stay hydrated for that long. As soon as I feel my fingers starting to plump up and my feet tingling I always ask for extra water bottles.

A Strong Face Mask Once I am Home

The second I get in the door I head to the shower, wash my hair from the nasty plane air and give myself a deep cleans with my Mary Kay TimeWise Microdermabrasion Set. I have been even using a facial brush with it to make sure to really clean out my pores. I have been using this since November and have been in love with the results. I feel like my face never feels too dry, even though it is a stronger facial cleanser, but it still feels clean at the end of the day. At the end of my shower I make sure to use the pore minimizer lotion, and even in the dry winter, that has been enough to keep my face hydrated.


CC Cream for the Morning

And in the morning when lack of sleep is still showing and there isn’t enough coffee to perk me up, the Mary Kay CCCream is the perfect hideaway. This is the first CCCream that I have tried and I don’t know if I am going to actually move on to any others. It is so light and wears so well throughout the day that I barely even use a powder on top. I am not a big face make up person, but in the winter, with my iridescent skin, I need something to bring a little life to my face and this CCCream has been the perfect find. It doesn’t go on cakey like other foundations and concealers but it stays throughout the day without making me break out. So far, this get 5 stars!




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