Back to School Sunday Night Ritual

Dare I say, the temperatures are starting to cool down here in SoCal. No really, these 80 degree days, & 70 degree nights is amazing. We haven’t even been running our AC at night… which is huge for me. Fall is in the air, pumpkin spice lattes are at Starbucks, & the grocery stores are littered with pumpkin everything in the bakeries.

Being from Connecticut the end of the summer is kind of a big deal. The freedom of longer days, warmer temperatures & no schedules slowly fades away. Growing up, the beginning of September always meant school starting again, practices for sports were going to get stricter with attendance & routines were beginning.

I am a big routine person. Like when cheerleading practices began & homework became a nightly thing… I was a happy girl. Staying busy & having a regular routine always held me accountable & helped me be successful, especially in college.

Every time I get into a rut & feel a little like a hot mess, I had a little Sunday night ritual night to get myself together. I started my Sunday night rituals when I was in high school. I would use Sunday nights as a reset night. It was like the night before the first day of school… but once a week.

I would start with looking through my planner to see what I have coming up for the week. I still need to have a night a week where I make sure my planner is in order & my life is organized. I am a big fan of lists to make sure nothing fell through the cracks. For the past few years I haven’t found a good planner that I have found a way to keep myself organized, but this planner from Create 365 is amazing. First of all, how cute is this!!? I am obsessed. And best of all, it keeps everything together for me. I have notes for work, my social life & my blog. I am obsessed.


Sunday nights also meant mini spa nights where I do a home mani/pedi. A few years ago I cut back BIG TIME on my nail salon bill. I was getting a manicure once a week & pedicure every other week. Now I make sure once a week I clean up my cuticles & repaint my nails & it seems to have been a little friendlier on my wallet. About once a month I go to the nail salon as a treat but it’s nowhere near as often as in the past. Here are some of my favorite fall colors here, here, here, & here


After my nails dry it is time to take care of my face. The glow after you deep clean your face is so noticeable & I absolutely love it. I feel like the next morning I wake up fresh & ready to take on the day. I started using L’oreal Pure-Clay Mask. It’s light & fresh feeling & exfoliates as you wash your face. Then, after you use your favorite mask, you need to hydrate!! I have tried so many facial lotions & I love some & hate some. It’s hard to find a good lotion for my skin because my face gets very sensitive to temperature. If I get hot, & I don’t have the right lotion on my face, my face starts feeling humid & way too hot. Aveeno Positively Radiant is my absolute favorite right now. It’s nice & light but still makes me feel hydrated which is great here in Southern California.



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