A Day at Santa Barbara Zoo

DSC00102I haven’t been to an actual zoo in years. Last year while we were in West Palm Beach, FL we spent two days at Lion Country Safari & it was absolutely amazing. We had beautiful, massive giraffes, ostriches, & a bunch of other species of African born animals walked right past our car. So when Chris’s mom suggested we stop at the Santa Barbara Zoo on our way to El Capitan Canyon last month I was game.

After stopping for breakfast in Santa Barbara, we got to the zoo around noon. It was the perfect time for most of the animals to be out for their feedings. There were snow leopards, African tigers, about every type of bird you could think of, & my personal favorite two beautiful Asian elephants.

Sujatha & Little Mac are 46 year old sisters who have lived at the Santa Barbara Zoo for the past 44 years. The elephant sisters are between 800 & 920 lbs each. Each!! They’re huge!! And so cute. They were eating while we visiting them so we were able to talk to their trainer & find out a ton of information about them. They actually have to be separated during feedings because one will eat the other’s food.


The zoo was perfect size for a half day trip. We were able to get to almost the entire zoo by 3pm but definitely could have spent more time. The only part of the zoo we missed was taking the train ride around the perimeter of the zoo. It is a great place to spend time with your family, have lunch, & enjoy the animal exhibits.





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