Keeping Your Luggage Under 50 lbs

Keeping Your Luggage Under 50 lbs

As I mentioned earlier this month, we were off to Connecticut for a week. It was an amazing trip. New England is absolutely gorgeous in the summer. I couldn’t have asked for a better place to grow up! Last time I took Chris 3,000 miles away from home, it was the middle of winter. We didn’t adjust to the time change too well and the darkness of November definitely did a number on us. We joke that Chris flew all the way to Connecticut and saw one street. (But really he kind of did.)

So this trip I was determined to show him an amazing time. (Hell, he may not come back if I don’t.)


The thing I hate the most about traveling is packing. Not because I bring too much. I always have enough options and still have room in my suitcase on my way to the east coast. It’s the way back, after my mother has given me every last random thing she can think of that makes me nutzo! I always just barely can shut my luggage, after using the expanding zipper.

(A few things I have been known to come back to So Cal with after trips home are: nail polish, a hand blender, black socks, a meat tenderizer, and a cutting board – shaped like CT of course! Thanks mom! =] Yesterday we brought back CT wine and beers, a baking stone and new moisturizer. You would think we don’t have stores in California.)

Don’t forget, if your luggage weighs in over 50 pounds when checking in you will be slapped with a hefty fee, which no one wants to pay. But to make sure I don’t have to pay more than what I am already giving my flying chauffeurs, and in order to make sure I have room for all of those little gems of gifts on my way back home, I always follow these four rules when I am packing for an extended trip.

Pick a color and stick to it

I like to base most of my outfits around black when I go on vacation. (And I wear a lot of black so it’s easy.) Any color will match your black pants or sweater and you won’t feel restricted to wearing specific outfits together. I hate pre-planning clothes.

Be selective about heavy garments

Another good idea is to bring a two or three big cardigans and more t-shirts as your options. Wearing a bright and colorful t-shirt and having a lot of options of the lighter clothing is much easier than packing 7 heavy sweaters for a week-long vacation. Instead pack two or three basic cardigans and switch up the shirts underneath.

You only need one type of shoe per style

I always was jealous of guys for this. They usually just need a casual shoe and a sneaker. Women “need” a little more than that. This trip specifically I am going to leave all of the boots home, bring one pair of heals for the wedding, and then a few pairs of sandals. Sandals you can be a little more flexible with. In winter months I usually wear a pair of boots and pack a pair and that’s all.

Wear what weighs the most

When I travel in the winter months I always wear my boots onto the plane. Same goes for my jacket or sweatshirt. It is easier to use a big outwear item as a pillow then trying to get it into your luggage.

Even with all of our extras our suitcases came in at a whopping 45 and 48 pounds. What are some of your tricks to make sure you don’t pay extra luggage fees?

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