My Favorite Things

My Favorite Things

Last month I decided I was going to make an attempt to be more open on this here blog. To be a better writer, especially when I am writing about my finances, my readers need to understand who I am and I need to be comfortable being open and honest. Here is a little collection of my favorite things:

Holiday: Thanksgiving. Everything from Thanksgiving Eve (biggest bar night of the year), Thanksgiving football games back east, the Macy’s parade, and the food is amazing.

Music Artist: Miranda Lambert and Lady Antebellum. And pretty much anything country.

Pizza: Mushroom and onions

Wine: Almost any and all Central Coast red wines. Pinot Noir and Zinfandel are amazing.


Tourist attraction: Disney World, need I say more? I love going to Disneyland but nothing compares to Disney World.

Restaurant: Mr. Macs, a small burger joint back home with literally the most amazing burgers, breakfasts and fries ever. I think Dinners, Dives, and Drive-ins needs to stop in and check them out!


Movie: the Holiday. I love watching that movie in the middle of winter. It makes me want to cuddle up with some hot coco in my sweats and relax.

Sports teams:
Baseball: NY Yankees
Hockey: LA Kings
Football: NY Giants

Keeping Your Luggage Under 50 lbs

Keeping Your Luggage Under 50 lbs

As I mentioned earlier this month, we were off to Connecticut for a week. It was an amazing trip. New England is absolutely gorgeous in the summer. I couldn’t have asked for a better place to grow up! Last time I took Chris 3,000 miles away from home, it was the middle of winter. We didn’t adjust to the time change too well and the darkness of November definitely did a number on us. We joke that Chris flew all the way to Connecticut and saw one street. (But really he kind of did.)

So this trip I was determined to show him an amazing time. (Hell, he may not come back if I don’t.)


The thing I hate the most about traveling is packing. Not because I bring too much. I always have enough options and still have room in my suitcase on my way to the east coast. It’s the way back, after my mother has given me every last random thing she can think of that makes me nutzo! I always just barely can shut my luggage, after using the expanding zipper.

(A few things I have been known to come back to So Cal with after trips home are: nail polish, a hand blender, black socks, a meat tenderizer, and a cutting board – shaped like CT of course! Thanks mom! =] Yesterday we brought back CT wine and beers, a baking stone and new moisturizer. You would think we don’t have stores in California.) Continue reading

Smart Guide to Your Carry-On

Smart Guide to Your Carry-On

I once had to sleep in an airport… on the floor.. on Christmas night… in the middle of wht everyone was saying would be a blizzard, but the snow hadn’t started to fall yet.

Okay, let me rewind. It was the first Christmas I was living in California and it was the first time I wasn’t going to be spending the holiday with my family. But my mom and stepdad decided to that after 16 years of living in sin they were going to tie the knot on Christmas Eve. Of coarse I had to be there. But oh wait, I work in retail management. There is a not-so-unspoken rule that you aren’t able to take off from Nov. 1 to Jan. 1.

So I struck a deal with my boss and he allowed me to fly home the day before Christmas Eve on a redeye, spend the 24th and 25th with my family and fly back in time to close on the 26th. 12 hours of fly time round trip with only 36 hours on the ground. Perfect.

I spent an amazing holiday with my family. Late on Christmas night my mom drove me back to JFK. She dropped me off at the terminal that I always fly out of and I was on my way home. I go inside, head to the kiosk to print my ticket and…. Nothing.

I don’t have a ticket.

I headed to the counter and because I had flown with that specific airline on my way to the east coast, they had my flight history on file. The lady confirmed I have a flight in an hour, out of another terminal with another airline.

So I ran to the tram, rode two terminals over and went to the kiosk there. Long story short, (and a three page complaint letter later) my mom was already home in Connecticut and I was stuck at JFK, on Christmas night and had missed flight.

Lucky for me I only had a carry-on so I had all of my clothes and toiletries but since that miserable 10 hours of sitting on chairs, the floor and pacing (I didn’t have a smart phone yet) I have been very specific about what I bring in my carry-on bag. Here is my smart guide to your carry-on.

Screenshot (31)