Must See NYC Tourist Spots

Must See NYC Tourist Spots
In honor of my mini trip back to Connecticut to visit family for my step brother’s wedding I thought I’d put together some of my favorite Tourist Spots in NYC. The City is a 90 minute train ride from my town in CT and I am actually sad to say I wish I took more advantage of being so close to the most amazing city in the world while I lived here. That being said, I did spend a lot of time in New York. I’ve always loved the idea of being able to walk anywhere or hop on a Subway and ride across the island of Manhattan in less time it would take you to drive two blocks.

Train from Connecticut to NYC

Train from Connecticut to NYC

Grand Central Terminal
One of the most amazing and famous buildings in the City, but for me, it is always my first stop into New York. No matter where I am headed into New York, my train always drops me off at Grand Central. The City for me revolves around it’s gateway to New England. When visiting, make sure you look up and take in the gorgeous art on the ceiling and don’t forget to stop into the market for some NYC grub.
Times Square/Broadway Theater District
The Toys R Us store, MTV, ABC Studios and M&M World, there is nothing that compares to the busiest, most exciting intersection in the world! And if you wander a block in any direction you can see some of the best theater acting in the country. I like to stop at the TKTS booth around 6 or 7 at night when tickets to Broadway plays are 50—70% off. Chris and I got to see his favorite play last time we were in town, Phantom of the Opera.


Rockefeller Center
Nothing compares to turning off of 5th Ave during Christmas, Banana Republic is on one side of you and Michael Kors on the other, (I know I have a shopping problem) and seeing that massive tree and beautifully decorated area. There is something so romantic about the big tree overlooking the ice skating rink. I love it. And for a crazy amount of money you can skate in front of it.

9/11 Memorial
The National 9/11 Memorial sits right in the location of the former twin towers. A peaceful two blocks cut out in lower Manhattan to pay the respects to the thousands of people who lost their lives that day. An amazing place to visit.

911 memorial

Photo Credits: Chris Dyer

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