Favorite Fall Trends

This is the first fall that I am not working in retail & let me tell you… it is amazing. But something that I definitely miss is seeing all of the new trends come in. My favorite part of my job was styling the mannequins, creating the window displays, & making the store look absolutely amazing. This fall I am keeping up with the new trends like normal people: Instagram, blogs, & Snapchat.


So since I am not seeing the clothes as they come into the stores, I put together some of my favorite fall trends. Right now I am obsessing over booties, off the shoulder & cold shoulder tops, & gold layering necklaces. Here are some of my favorites.


These booties are my absolutely favorites. I got them for a steal at DSW for a wedding last month & now they are weekly staple into my work wardrobe. Peep toe booties add so much comfort while still dressing up just a little bit. (See here, here, and here) This cold shoulder top I actually got at the beginning of the summer, & I’d be lying if I said I didn’t wear it a little too much when I got it. I was obsessed. I’ve seen some cold-shoulder tops done really wrong, but this one checks all of the boxes. It has more than just a spaghetti strap holding it up, it has the perfect amount of sleeve to make the sleeve look purposeful, & the cut out is the right amount where the top doesn’t look like it is falling off of my shoulder all day. Bravo Express, Bravo! This one here though, someone invite me somewhere ASAP so I have an excuse to push the Purchase button!

And this necklace, well who doesn’t love a double chain & some great statement pieces. My mom went back to World Market to get one for herself after picking this cutie up for my sister & I. I love the color of teal because it’s just enough where it can go with everything without being over bearing. And who doesn’t love a gold leaf?


Back to School Sunday Night Ritual

Dare I say, the temperatures are starting to cool down here in SoCal. No really, these 80 degree days, & 70 degree nights is amazing. We haven’t even been running our AC at night… which is huge for me. Fall is in the air, pumpkin spice lattes are at Starbucks, & the grocery stores are littered with pumpkin everything in the bakeries.

Being from Connecticut the end of the summer is kind of a big deal. The freedom of longer days, warmer temperatures & no schedules slowly fades away. Growing up, the beginning of September always meant school starting again, practices for sports were going to get stricter with attendance & routines were beginning.

I am a big routine person. Like when cheerleading practices began & homework became a nightly thing… I was a happy girl. Staying busy & having a regular routine always held me accountable & helped me be successful, especially in college.

Every time I get into a rut & feel a little like a hot mess, I had a little Sunday night ritual night to get myself together. I started my Sunday night rituals when I was in high school. I would use Sunday nights as a reset night. It was like the night before the first day of school… but once a week.

I would start with looking through my planner to see what I have coming up for the week. I still need to have a night a week where I make sure my planner is in order & my life is organized. I am a big fan of lists to make sure nothing fell through the cracks. For the past few years I haven’t found a good planner that I have found a way to keep myself organized, but this planner from Create 365 is amazing. First of all, how cute is this!!? I am obsessed. And best of all, it keeps everything together for me. I have notes for work, my social life & my blog. I am obsessed.


Sunday nights also meant mini spa nights where I do a home mani/pedi. A few years ago I cut back BIG TIME on my nail salon bill. I was getting a manicure once a week & pedicure every other week. Now I make sure once a week I clean up my cuticles & repaint my nails & it seems to have been a little friendlier on my wallet. About once a month I go to the nail salon as a treat but it’s nowhere near as often as in the past. Here are some of my favorite fall colors here, here, here, & here


After my nails dry it is time to take care of my face. The glow after you deep clean your face is so noticeable & I absolutely love it. I feel like the next morning I wake up fresh & ready to take on the day. I started using L’oreal Pure-Clay Mask. It’s light & fresh feeling & exfoliates as you wash your face. Then, after you use your favorite mask, you need to hydrate!! I have tried so many facial lotions & I love some & hate some. It’s hard to find a good lotion for my skin because my face gets very sensitive to temperature. If I get hot, & I don’t have the right lotion on my face, my face starts feeling humid & way too hot. Aveeno Positively Radiant is my absolute favorite right now. It’s nice & light but still makes me feel hydrated which is great here in Southern California.