April Round Up (and a little bit of March)

ay, okay, this is actually more like a March and April round up. With all of my traveling the past few months, I’ve been a little behind on some of my posts. But May is a new month and you can’t change the past can you?

In March I went out to Connecticut to shower my best friend before her wedding at the end of this month. It was beautiful. Besides being able to be around for her beautiful bridal shower, I also was able to be home for my cousin’s 30th birthday and for my sister’s new puppy’s first weekend home. I love being able to go home and be a part of such special occasions even though I live so far away. My cousin was my first friend. We are five weeks apart and were dressed alike and raised alike our whole lives. We went to summer camp together every summer, did gymnastics together for years, and even ended up being college roommates. Being able to ring in her dirty thirty with her was fabulous!

April was a little different than March. I was able to spend much more time outdoors and do some of my favorite summer activities. Well currently I am finishing up a weekend away in Vegas, but more on that later.  We had a BBQ at our friends new house, spent a Saturday in the Flower Fields in Carlsbad and had Easter Brunch on the Queen Mary in Long Beach. I loved being able to be outside, and my skin needed the prep before this weekend in the desert sun. Keep an eye out for a post in the next few weeks about the Carlsbad Flower Fields and also a summer bucket list as we head into my favorite time of year. 

February Round Up

Can you even believe how fast February flew by? I feel like it was just a few weeks ago that our house was decorated for Christmas and now we are starting to think spring and sunshine. Which is something here in Southern California we miss so much. Mother nature really kicked our asses here in SoCal this month. We had sink holes, freeways shut down because they turned into rivers, mudslides, and hurricane forced winds. It was absolutely insane. But we are hoping for a little more outdoor activities for March.

February was packed with indoor activities. We had our food tasting at our wedding venue. We were pretty early for this but we defiantly wanted our parents there with us and we figured the sooner the better. So picking our food was a big check off of our wedding to do list. I also got to celebrate a huge milestone for one of my best friends and also another huge success for Chris.


My best friend Bryan had his photography featured a magazine with a four page spread of some of his shots. And this past weekend Chris’s new venue, House of Blues Gardenwalk, opened with a huge opening party. Chris has worked for House of Blues for the past three years and last May they closed up their location in Downtown Disney. After 9 months of being shut down, they opened up their new location, just down the street at Gardenwalk, an outdoor mall here in Anaheim. It was an amazing party with tons of media, celebrity guests and amazing music.

I had to prep for these out of living room activities. I feel like I’ve been in hiding on my couch since November, so this month, with spring on the horizon, I realized I had to start hydrating my face so a bi weekly sheet mask became my best friend. Full sheet masks, under eye masks, charcoal, aloe… they were all my best friends this month. And they all made Chris laugh at me, and try to take my picture, every time.

My favorites have been the SOO AE Green Tea Collagen mask I got in my February IPSY subscription, Que Bella Professional Moisturizing gel eye masks that you can get at Target and my all-time favorite agave lip mask by Bite that you can get at Sephora. But I am going to keep trying more and maybe put together a post of my favorite masks later in the spring.

Can anyone tell I am super excited for spring to come? What are your favorite spring activities?


We had to try the new brewery that opened close to our house. Stereo’s wheat beer, Hazy Jane…. YUM! Try it!

I am so sad that this room isn’t big enough to hold our entire wedding. But how cute is the barrel room at Wilson Creek Winery in Temecula. So cute.

Blackbird in Temecula is such a yummy brunch spot to check out pre-wine tasting.

Goodbye 20s, Hello 30s – Birthday Round Up

Well folks, today is the day. I am officially in the 30-35 age bracket… Yikes! Last year’s birthday was a little rough on me. I was really starting to feel the pressure that society puts on us as “kids in our 20s.” And honestly, your 20s really kind of suck.

Your early 20s are really great. You’re still living at home with mom and dad with little to no financial responsibilities. In my early 20s I had a blast! My girl friends and I went on vacations, went out the bar 3 nights a week, and were serious social butterflies. Then I moved out, had to start paying rent, bills and buying groceries. When you get into your mid to late 20s you realize pretty quickly that going out every night isn’t going to be the most effective way to get what you are going after anymore.


I spent the better part of my 20s working in retail. I was a merchant for a big retail chain and I’m not going to lie, it was a blast. I made a ton of friends and learned a lot about business, management and the art of sales. But when I realized I was living for work and my schedule was at the mercy of my work I realized, this probably isn’t going to cut it in a few years when I get married and have kids.

Which lead to my next little freak out of turning 29. Chris and I had been living together for four years and dating for about 3. We had discussed marriage and kids but I just wasn’t sure when that all was going to happen. I think most people can say, that in their late 20s they’re not where they thought, or hoped they would be and I was defiantly feeling that.

So needless to say, it was a little bit of a rough birthday. I didn’t love my job anymore, my relationship was taking a little longer than expected, and for the first time I felt my biological clock ticking. We had a nice dinner out, just the two of us and went home to have a glass of wine like the old millennials that we are.

Then a month later we got engaged and I got a new job. All in a matter of a week and a half. It was insane but defiantly worth the wait.

I realized that I was putting stupid pressures on myself (and Chris) because of what society had for expectations of where I should be in my life. I have friends who have their work life completely figured out, but have been completely alone for years, and then I have friends who have put their relationships before themselves and it has affected their work life and caused them setbacks.

The truth is, everyone has hurdles to overcome and everyone reaches milestones at their own accord. Some people take a little longer than others but one thing I defiantly learned in my last year of my 20s, is that your 20s actually kind of suck. I mean just a little. You have all of these expectations people make, you are learning who you are and what exactly you want to do and who you want to be with.

I am looking forward to my 30s. I have a career now that I can see myself growing in for a long time, and I have someone who is absolutely amazing and I cannot wait to start our lives together. We have a lot to look forward to in this next year and I can’t wait. For now, enjoy some photos from the past year.


Weekend in Pismo Beach
img_2302 My 29th Birthday on Catalina Island

Weekends at Disneyland

New Years in Scottsdaledsc01089

Apple Picking in Oak Glenimg_3663

Garth Brooks in Orange County and Las VegasDYER_015_web

Our Engagement 


My Pre Birthday Birthday Party

January Round Up

As it already been a month!? I feel like it was last weekend that Chris and I were making our way through Scottsdale for our little New Year’s adventure. This month has been a busy one. Besides heading to Arizona for the beginning of the month, I also took advantage of the long weekend and went home to Connecticut. Sometimes you need some good girl time and that was exactly what MLK weekend was about for me. I love living in California but when I get to go home, I definitely love being able to be myself with the people who have known me the longest. My girlfriends even threw me a early 30th birthday party. 


Besides spending the weekend with my nearest and dearest, the weekend home also made me super appreciate some of my newest skin care items I got over the holidays. I am loving these Mary Kay TimeWise products, and so has my skin.

As far as work goes, I am still pretty new in my job and my limits have been being tested every day. But I am getting more and more comfortable and my sales have definitely been showing it which is awesome. It is so crazy to think that just a year ago I was struggling to be happy in my job and now, I am doing something completely different, and doing well at it. It was a year ago this past weekend that Chris and I headed to Las Vegas for a weekend getaway and I decided it was time for a change.

It is so crazy to see how far I have come in a year. Looking back on the year and the growth I have had personally and professionally it is a huge motivation to keep moving forward and growing.





December Round Up

The past two months have been pretty hectic here in Orange County. We placed a deposit on a venue for our wedding, which is pretty exciting. It was a very big check off of our wedding to-do list! Both Chris and I have been working hard, and crazy hours. December was full of holiday parties, Christmas shopping, and working on side projects. It was so great to have a three day weekend for Christmas and then again for New Years. Christmas weekend we vegged out with his family, slept in, and watched the Steelers game. But when Chris agreed to get away for New Years, I jumped at the chance. We just got home from a three day adventure to Scottsdale. More on that next week. But for now, check out our December. How was your holiday season?