Favorite Spring Recipes

Happy second day of spring! All I have been thinking about is flowers, hiking, kayaking and yummy summer food. These past few weeks have been super busy but I finally see a light at the end of the long tunnel. I feel like we have been going non stop since before the Christmas season and spring is going to be a time to veg and relax… well a little bit.

This past weekend we finally got to get out of the house and be outdoors. Saturday night we spent at Disneyland where they are right in the middle of featuring the Main Street Electrical Parade. If you live local, go check it out before it’s gone this June. It was a big throw back to my childhood. I remember seeing it in Disney World when I was a kid, and seeing the same parade, and floats as an adult was really cool and definitely gave me a whole other appreciation for this piece of Disney magic.

Sunday morning we woke up early and headed down to Newport Beach to do a little whale watching. More on that later but the being out on the water was definitely what the doctor ordered. And we even got to hang out with some grey whales and dolphins.

Now that spring is here, I’ve been craving lighter meals. There’s something about the nice weather that makes me want to eat lighter and healthier. So today I put together a list of my favorite food I have featured on my blog that remind me of summer. Enjoy! 

Cabbage, Spinach, Mozzarella Salad  Chicken Picatta

Grilled Beet & Goat Cheese Salad

Mediterranean Spaghetti

Homemade Bruschetta 

This weekend I’m working both days, but Sunday morning we are doing something that I have been looking forward to for a long time. Hints: we will be on the water and it involves an extremely oversized animal. Keep an eye out on Instastory to see what we are up to.


Mascara Haul

This past winter I really gave my face a break. Winter is definitely the time of year where my face starts to break out, the lack of vitamin D makes my skin feel and look dead and lifeless. This winter instead of covering up like I usually do with foundations and concealers, I hydrated my face and drew the attention away from my skin and onto my lashes.

I’ve never wanted to try lash extensions. I have a terrible habit of rubbing my eyes and being a little aggressive when it comes to washing my face, so lash extensions would never work for me. I’d end up pulling them out before the week is up. But mascara, mascara is something that I can get on board with.

This winter I tried a lot of mascaras and was able to find the ones that I love, and the ones that I wasn’t so fond of. Step 1: Always, always, always use a primer. I have used both Lancome’s Cils Booster XL and also Clinique’s Lash Building Primer and I think I love them both equally. They both lengthen and coat fully which is all you really need in a primer. They both protect your eyelashes and I have noticed a lot less eyelashes falling out when I take my make up off at night.

My next step comes from Target. Yes this $6 mascara has been my favorite literally since I was in high school. Maybelline’s Full & Soft volumizes my eyelashes and makes them look super full. Which is great for my super thin eyelashes.

The next three mascaras I have been rotating. Clinique’s Lash Power small bristles separate all of my lashes to make them even fuller than with just the Full & Soft. Mary Kay has a very cool brush that both volumizes and lengthens depending which way you hold the brush. This is one of my new favorite mascaras because it is an easy one to throw in your bag and it literally does whatever you need.

My newest mascara for night time is Lancome’s Hypnose Doll Lashes. The pointed brush with wide bristles makes your natural eyelashes look like an amazing pair of falsies I love it! It’s the perfect these are my real lashes mascara, and you will have everyone thinking you are lying.