Classes Every Future Freelancer Should Take in College


With Labor Day in the books, schools have started throughout the country. Last week I took my first class in preparation to take my real estate exam in the beginning of 2015. Going back to school made me kind of miss it. I never thought I’d say I miss sitting in a classroom and listening to a professor talk for a couple hours a week, but I did. While I am taking my classes for my real estate exam in California this semester, I still everyday work hard at continuing my education when it comes to freelancing and blogging. I got my degree in Journalism but when I was graduating, the art of Journalism was changing. Newspapers were slowly fading out of traditional paper news and moving into mobile and web base news. Shorter stories, more up to the minute reporting and blogging. In honor of the new school year, I thought I’d make a list of classes students should take if they plan on being a freelancer. Continue reading