The Cost of Airport Parking and the Benefits of Uber and Lyft

The Cost of Airport Parking and the Benefits of Uber and Lyft

My friend's Lyft stash.

My friend’s Lyft stash.

I was 15 and walking across town to my friend’s house when her uncle pulled up next to me. I slowed down, kind of creped out, and in a totally “Uncle Gary” way he yelled at me out the window that I should have run from the stranger slowing down to kidnap me. Oh Uncle Gary, always was teaching us life lessons. Well now I am debating if I should pay a stranger to take me to the airport next week in their own car. And if I do take one of these shuttle serves, which one is better?

Oh how the times have changed.

Tuesday I will be flying home for 5 days for my step brother’s wedding but instead of taking my normal red eye flight and evening pick up back here in LA, I opted for the cheaper flight to save money. What I didn’t think about is how now I will have to pay for luggage and figure out a ride to and from the airport since they are in and out of LA right in the middle of the day.

I decided to look into Uber and Lyft, the stranger friendly companies that have people you don’t know pick you up and drop you off somewhere. This is something a lot of my friends have used after a night of drinking. A. it is much cheaper than a taxi ride and B. it is much more entertaining than a cab driver usually. You meet new people from all different walks of life and in a city like Los Angeles, it’s a pretty cool idea.

A pretty cool idea if I weren’t a girl, traveling alone, and getting picked up at my work. And cue me second guessing these companies.

Beside the concept of the industry being pretty cool, slash borderline creepy, one thing that draws people to pulling out their smartphones and getting on their apps is the price. For me to park my car at Bob Hope Airport for five days in long term parking I would have to cough up $65. For a ride to the airport from my work would be just over $25. That isn’t too bad for me since I only needed a one way ride.

While yes the prices may be nice, my paranoid self still couldn’t get over driving around alone with someone I have never met before. So instead I asked a friend to pick me up from work and drive me across town.

Would you/have you taken Uber or Lyft? How did you like it?


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